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ADT Carbon Monoxide Alarm Review

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ADT is a big player in the world of home security. Everyone knows that it's important to protect your home and family from intruders, but there is less awareness that lives can also be at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning. ADT have taken this into consideration and now offer carbon monoxide monitoring devices and services as part of their security packages.

The website promises quick response times and immediate detection. This is all very reassuring since carbon monoxide can be so dangerous and every minute matters. Once your device detects CO it will alert you to the problem and also send a message to the six command centres. A representative will then contact you to make sure you are okay, and can talk you through the problem and what to do. You will also receive follow up calls to make sure that things are resolved, and if needed they will contact the emergency services so that they can go to your address. Overall we feel that this service is excellent as you are guided through any emergency in a professional and caring manner. This is particularly useful if you or a family member can get easily flustered, as there's a calm voice giving practical directions during emergencies.

There are a couple of extra devices offered by ADT which can really make the difference, particularly if you have an elderly relative on their own who may need immediate help. These devices, wristbands and pendants, allow two-way communication with the control teams, meaning that they can get help easily at any time of the night or day.  

The device itself is quite unattractive, but then again that's not necessarily important. What matters is the response and its aptitude for saving lives. The details provided on the website are vague though, and there's no mention of the sensitivity of the device or whether it uses electrochemical technologies to detect carbon monoxide. This isn't particularly reassuring, and so it is difficult to recommend this detector over others on the market. You'll also need to purchase a security package, which starts from $49 a month (based on a 36 month contract) but can include a $25 activation fee. So, a long term contract will offer a decent price, but otherwise you may find that the service will cost you quite a lot. As such you'll be required to purchase a home security service, so it's worth checking out our reviews of those services to see if ADT will provide what you need.

We are generally impressed by the service offered for carbon monoxide monitoring here. ADT have taken some genuine steps to make sure that you're safe and that you can feel secure in your home, particularly for elderly family members. However, it's far from perfect when it comes to the actual devices, and at times the website lacks sufficient information regarding the products being used to protect you. Whilst the site has an FAQ and various manuals to examine (where admittedly there is more information on each device) we feel that they really could expand on the amount of information they offer their potential and current customers. It's also not always clear which number you should call, regarding safety, sales or general questions. 

ADT offers a reliable carbon monoxide monitoring service, but if you're not willing to take out long term contracts on home security packages then it might not be for you. However if you are interested in learning more then it could be worth your time calling the sales department to find out more.

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