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Category: Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services
Website: http://www.frontpointsecurity.com/plans/carbon-monoxide-sensor

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Hundreds of Americans die every year from carbon monoxide poisoning. As such, the industry has responded by providing home use carbon monoxide alarms, as well as 24 hour monitoring services. By offering a CO alarm with a longer life than most, as well as a no risk free trial, FrontPoint Security tips the scales in their favour when it comes to providing a carbon monoxide monitoring service. 

The device itself is fairly standard, although it has some key differences that set it apart from its competitors. Importantly, the device has a life span of seven years, whereas nearly all of the CO alarms we've seen tend to die at around five years. This is quite a big difference when you consider those statistics over a longer length of time. With most CO alarms you'll need to buy two of them every 10 years, but with FrontPoint's CO alarm you only need to buy two every fourteen years. This not only means a significant saving but it also means less hassle as you'll not need to worry about replacing it so often.

As well as this, the alarm is aware of its remaining life span and any malfunctions it may be having, and will notify the monitoring team (who in turn will let you know if something is wrong). What's more, the device has a battery life of five years, depending on how often it is triggered, so you won't need to take out the step ladders very often.

  Importantly, the device has a life span of seven years, whereas nearly all of the CO alarms we've seen tend to die at around five years.  

If you're not sure whether this detection and monitoring service is for you then you are able to try it out for a month, completely free of charge and at no risk of being tricked into a contract. Setting it up is very simple as you can simple peel back a strip and then stick it to the wall where ever you need it. The whole system is wireless and tamper proof, so any signs of underhanded actions against your security and safety will be reported to the control centre. It also has two toned lights that will alert you to any problems should you be hard of hearing, as well as a loud alarm.

If something does go wrong then the device sends a signal to the central monitoring station, which will then send you an email, text or phone call alert to check that everything is okay. You can also check on the status of your home using the interactive and ultimate monitoring plans, which is really useful if you're away from home a lot but wish to keep a close eye on your home's safety.

FrontPoint Security, as the name implies, offers a wider range of home security options. These range from window sensors, door locks, video camera options and more. For a full list please see the website. All of these options can be synchronised and controlled from a range of devices including a control pad, your cell phone or mobile device, or even a key chain. If you're looking to improve your home security then Front Point is a top choice, and you may even be able to inquire about the possibility of combining CO monitoring, home security and automation packages as a way of saving a few bucks. 

Customer service is taken seriously by this company and you can contact them via phone or through filling in an online request. This is fine, but we'd like to see a few more options such as email addresses and a live chat option. Information that's available on the site, however, is impressive and includes demo videos, a blog, FAQ and more. There's quite a bit of information for users to read, including guides on the equipment.

The site is easy to navigate, although joining officially does generally require you to request a quotation if you want to add CO monitoring to your security or home automation package. Details of all of the packages that are available are provided clearly, and you can compare each package without difficulty. The website also offers buying advice for anyone who is unsure which service they would most benefit from using.

Front Point Security offers its customers a lot, and at a very reasonable rate. Its combination of long-life technology and 24 hour monitoring makes it a very safe option for protecting your family against the dangers of carbon monoxide. There are plenty of options to choose from and there ought to be something for most families, so why not check out their site and see what they have to offer!

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