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Category: Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services
Website: http://www.lifeshield.com/services/monitoring/monitoring-types/carbon-monoxide

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LifeShield Review

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Life Shield Security provides a bounty of security options for the safety conscious family. From break-in alarms, to fire and smoke monitors, medial emergency response to environmental controls, there's plenty to choose from. As part of its LifeShield wireless security systems you will receive free carbon monoxide monitoring. All you need to do is set up your carbon monoxide alarm with your fire safety sensor, and you're covered.

As part of the security packages available through this site, you will receive 24 hour carbon monoxide monitoring. This works through your fire sensor, which measures the concentration of CO in your air and then relays any unbalance to a central control centre. The control centre will then contact you  and suggest action to take, whether it's simply making sure that rooms are ventilated, or calling the emergency services. Of course if your carbon monoxide levels are high then the alarms will also sound, alerting you to a danger and allowing you to exit the house until it is safe to return. 

The site claims it can save you up to 40% over some of its competitors and at prices starting from around $35.99 for a LifeShield security package, they might not be far wrong. Of course if you already have a security service contract in your home then this might not be the most viable option if you're only interested in upgrading to include carbon monoxide. However if you are a Lifeshield customer, or wish to become one, this deal offers very good value for money because the carbon monoxide monitoring service is included for free.

Unfortunately the website doesn't include as much information as we'd hope for. Not only does it lack details with regard to the accuracy of the carbon monoxide monitoring equipment they use, it also fails to provide a lot of important information on how to stay safe in the home with regard to carbon monoxide. You'll be able to find this on other sites but it seems an unfortunate omission. As for customer service, you can receive an instant quote simply by sending your email address or phone number so that the team can contact you, or you can shop online and get special deals. The help section is fairly useful, with videos that explain installation and use of the equipment, plus a support centre, set up guide and FAQ. The support centre takes you through a series of images and model numbers to help you find information on specific devices, although we would like to, yet again, find more information that isn't necessarily directly related to the company's products.

Life Shield offers good value on security packages that come with free carbon monoxide monitoring. However this won't be enticing to anyone who isn't interested in a new security package. That said, if you are open to the idea of security monitoring then its packages are cheap and effective.

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