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Category: Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services
Website: http://www.firstalert.com/products/detectors/carbon-monoxide

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First Alert Review

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FirstAlert is a one-stop-shop for all sorts of detectors and alarms. These range from home security, fire, explosive gas, carbon monoxide and more. You can also purchase combined detectors, should you want your home to be protected but not covered in little white devices. The biggest positive about this site is that it offers a wider range of models than you might find elsewhere, meaning you can choose a device that suits your need, budget and aesthetic preferences.

We're here to talk about Carbon Monoxide monitors, so that will be our focus, but if you're in the market for other alarms too then it's worth taking a look around the site, which is fairly well designed and easy to navigate. The site also includes a lot of free information, which was great to see. So many of these websites just seem to try to scare you into buying products and services without really giving you the facts, but FirstAlert.com goes to some lengths to provide podcasts, interviews, videos and more, to help you to make informed and safe decisions. This is what we like to see!

So what about the devices on sale? Well you can probably find cheaper versions of the alarms they have in your local DIY store but we're inclined to believe that these are higher quality. All of that said, you'd be hard pushed to find an electronic CO monitor and alarm for less than the $19.99  offered here. This cheaper model (the CO400) detects carbon monoxide of course, but it also has increased accuracy, easy access to the batteries, a low battery warning, a test or silence button, an end of life timer and a 5 year limited warranty. It meets all UL standards and you can even watch an installation video to see how to install the hardware in your home. If you travel a lot and you're concerned about CO levels, or you simply wish to test the levels at different places in the same building, the site offers a travel carbon monoxide alarm which utilises electrochemical signals and comes in a lightweight, durable design for portability. 

Chances are you will want more than one alarm in the house or workplace, and if you already have fire alarms then the corridors are going to become a little cluttered with monitoring devices. By the way of solution to this minor problem, you can buy joint alarms which detect smoke and CO. These detectors come in wireless or wired forms, and at varying costs. It's worth checking out the differences on the website if you're interested in these models. 

FirstAlert doesn't offer any sort of 24 hour monitoring service but its range of alarms is decent and the site has a lot of information. Getting in touch with customer services could be made a lot easier (currently you need to contact them by phone or post), but we were generally impressed with this company and the devices they had to offer.

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