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Category: Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services
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Xtralis' market-leading VESDA system is an early warning device that detects smoke and gas, providing a greater degree of safety against hidden dangers in the workplace. Its systems are well built and are able to work under harsh environments, making it ideal for more industrial, rather than domestic, buildings. It can also detect a wide range of gases, should this be of importance to you.

There are options to add environmental monitoring to the standard smoke and gas detection system, should you need it. There are several benefits to VESDA ECO, though we tend to think that this system is more suited to business or industrial operations, rather than households. The system leverages existing pipe networks to alert you to smoke and gas dangers, including carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide, methane, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen, propane and sulphur dioxide, between 0 and 500 parts per million (or 0-100% LEL).  It provides point, zone or total air detection so is particularly suited to environments such as boiler rooms, parking lots or garages, utility tunnels and batter-charging rooms.

Since the system is more complex than a basic carbon monoxide monitoring service, training and support are also available. If your building already has systems in place then the Xtralis detection systems are also compatible with FACP/PLC/HVAC/BMS. The detectors can maintain up to two gas sensors although more detectors can be added to your pipe network if needed, and more gases can be added to those being detected.Given the nature and use of this product, extra details are provided upon request, including prices. However the site does provide brochures and success stories to give an idea of how it works and its various applications. You can also view the VESDA ECO video. Software, manuals, engineering specifications and application notes, as well as other documents to support the system, are made available when signing in to the site. Contacting customer support is only achievable through making a call or filling in an online form.

If you're just interested in detecting carbon monoxide in your home then this site won't be for you. This is much more complex equipment that requires substantial monitoring, and it detects gas concentrations, and variants, much more accurately than you'd need in the home. However xtralis.com does seem to offer sensible, reliable solutions for more industrial settings. Without the appropriate information we are unable to recommend whether pricing matches the industry standard, but if you're in the market for VESDA's systems, it may be worth making an inquiry with their sales team.

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