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Category: Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services
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Protection 1 Review

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Protection1 provides a dual security system in the fight against carbon monoxide poisoning: effective, technologically advanced detectors, plus a 24 hour monitoring service. Combined, these ought to effectively detect any CO in your home or business, and alert you to its presence at dangerous levels.

It all sounds pretty good, right? Well there is a bit of a snag in the plan: you need to pay for a home security package and then add CO monitoring to that. This means, essentially, if you're not in the market for a home security system with 24 hour monitoring services then you'd be better off checking another site that offers carbon monoxide monitoring on its own. However if you do feel that a home security package and carbon monoxide detection combination is something you'd be interested in, then read on.

The packages include free installation and each comes with a range of devices with options to control them from your Smartphone. Prices are, however, provided only by quotation. But enough about security packages, what about the carbon monoxide detection? Well the devices are battery operated, meaning that they won't suddenly die on you during a power cut. They're also fitted with a wireless transmitter, which sends out an alarm signal to the monitoring staff when there is trouble, tampering or a low battery. The staff will then get in touch with you to make sure everything is okay and that you and your family are safe, advising on action to take or sending emergency services when necessary.

The devices are easy to install and ought to offer no real problem if you wish to move them yourself, however you can have a professional fit them for you as part of a home security package. They are also pretty small and should be able to fit into hard-to-reach areas or where unsafe materials appear (such as near burners). The alarms are pretty clever as they are programmed to alert you when their life is running low. These sensors don't last forever because they utilise electrochemical sensing technology, which offer very accurate readings but do need replacing after approximately five years. In terms of alerting you to potential risks, these alarms will sound an alarm and flash a light, as well as contacting the main control panel who will call you if there's something wrong. They are also tamper resistant and will communicate any tampering attempts to the control panel, so you'll know if anyone has been trying to corrupt your systems and put you at risk.

Ideally we'd prefer that prices and plans were laid out more directly so that you can see exactly what you're getting and how much it will cost you without needing to call customer support. When we tried to contact customer services to find out the additional costs of adding carbon monoxide alarms to their security packages we were asked to contact them at another time (or they'd contact us). This isn't bad customer service practice but it is still inconvenient and could easily be solved by updating the site with pricing details.

Overall Protection 1 offers a comprehensive service that will serve you well if you're interested in home security as well as carbon monoxide monitoring. However if you are looking for carbon monoxide monitoring alone then you'll need to go elsewhere.

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