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Category: Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services
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Alarm Force specializes in home security alarms, but as part of its security packages it also offers the addition of carbon monoxide detection and monitoring. Its devices are simple but effective, and all monthly fees include the installation of devices, with no activation fees. They also have a blog with some useful information on how to protect your family from the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The low cost of Alarm Force's services might be the biggest attraction to using them. Packages start from as little as $25 a month and include the various safety devices needed to protect your home. CO detection and monitoring does cost extra, however, but not substantially. Exact prices depend on the package you purchase and the length of your contract, so please make an inquiry with the sales team to find out how much your package might cost you. Many sites will charge a monthly fee plus they'll charge you for the equipment, installation and activation, so it all adds up. So, over all Alarm Force can offer major savings. 

The company protects over 300,000 people across North America. This is impressive but not on the same scale as some of its competitors. But numbers aren't everything, it is the quality that counts. What's good about Alarm Force is that its packages include 24/7 monitoring, and they are advocates of using human communication to solve problems. Some home security and safety companies will use automated systems to call you and make sure you're okay when an alarm sounds, which isn't necessarily the most useful way of doing things, especially when not many people know what they should do when the level of carbon monoxide in their home is dangerously high. Alarm Force, however, will make sure you are in direct contact with a member of their team, who will be able to give you advice and recommend actions to take. This is very reassuring, particularly if you are someone who is easily flustered or if you intend to install the system in the home of an elderly relative who may need a caring voice to guide them to safety.

The carbon monoxide detectors are fairly simple, but effective. When they detect an abnormal concentration of carbon monoxide in the air they will send out a visual (light) alarm and a sound alarm to let you know that things are becoming unsafe. This will allow you to take appropriate actions to combat any risk of poisoning. If you're not in, the control centre will try to contact you, sending out the emergency services if necessary.You'll need to install and pay for a home security package to make use of the CO monitoring services available through this website. This isn't ideal for everyone, and if you're simply interested in an alarm system then you can find these elsewhere. However if you think that home security devices (plus the monitoring service) might be useful in your home then AlarmForce.com offers very good value for money and superior customer service.

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