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Category: Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services
Website: http://www.protectamerica.com/equipment/life-safety/co-detector

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Protect America Review

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Protect America offers a simple system for home protection which can include carbon monoxide detection. It doesn't necessarily offer a massive range of services beyond this in comparison with some sites, but the  home security monitoring option does provide peace of mind. Your home and family will be protected whether you're there or not. Its devices are simple to use, giving you mobile control options and early alerts to potential carbon monoxide hazards.

If you want carbon monoxide detection in your home with Protect America then you'll need to take advantage of one of the home security packages. There are plenty to choose from, each including the basic equipment required to protect your home, and each with 24 hour monitoring 7 days a week.

Most of the detectors and alarms can be controlled remotely, and you will be called if one of them is set off so that you can check things are okay, or have the emergency services sent over. This is particularly reassuring if you spend a lot of time away from home and may need a professional to check that everything is okay. 

It should be noted, however, that the CO detector only alerts you to danger, it does not necessarily include 24 hour monitoring. If the monitoring service is something you require for carbon monoxide in the home then please ask a member of the sales team to see if you can include carbon monoxide monitoring in your home security package.

So, is this service worth the price? Well, yes we think it is. Considering some companies will charge much more for a carbon monoxide and security package, Protect America offers very good value. However it must be said that if you're only interested in CO detection then you will find more advanced equipment elsewhere. For the price of your monthly fee with Protect America you get all of the equipment you need and there are no installation fees. In fact you need to install the system yourself but the devices are easy to use and install, and there is help at hand if you should need it. You are also covered if you need to move house or any parts need replacing.

Some of the home security and automation features available with these packages will not only help you protect your home and family from potential dangers, they'll also help to save you money. For example, you'll be able to control the heating and lighting in your home from your mobile device. This is very useful because it essentially means that you can set the thermostat to heat your home just prior to you getting home, or make sure that the lights turn off after you've left for work so they aren't on all day long. You can also install devices in your garage, so you can keep an eye on your car and have a CO detector near it to make sure that its emissions aren't leaking through to the house. 

The design of the device is simple but practical, with clear warning lights and a sound alarm to alert you to danger. There is also a test button and a power button so you can check that the device is working properly. On the side of the device you can check when it ought to be replaced in order to keep it accurate and effective. If you're open to the idea of a home security and carbon monoxide detection package then ProtectAmerica.com offers very good value for money over all, so why not contact the sales team and see what they can offer you?

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