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Category: Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services
Website: http://www.visonic.com/products/wireless-property-protection/carbon-monoxide-detector-mct-442

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Visonic Review

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Visonic provide a wide range of safety detectors and alarms, all of which are worth checking out if you're in the market for them. Their carbon monoxide detector contains some of the most accurate technology available for detecting the poisonous gas, and they provide a monitoring service as well as an alarm to alert you inside the house.

The two-fold security system available here is reassuring. Not only will you be alerted to high carbon monoxide levels through a flashing light and loud noise from the alarm, but this trigger will also be send to the command centre, which can call you to make sure you're out of the house. This means you can make sure your family is safe, and then sort out the leak. 

Interestingly this system detects the increasing amount of CO in the air in your home, and calculates whether or not it's an anomaly or a leak that is going to increase the quantity of the gas. These calculations are able to act as an early warning system, telling you about a leak well in advance of it becoming dangerous. This is particularly important because if it weren't very accurate and sensitive, and the sensors were far from the source of the leak, a warning could be too late. So, there's some definite peace of mind here.

The Visonic website isn't the most useful website around. Whilst you can download user guides and installation information, there's little in the way of telling you how to be aware of the formation of carbon monoxide in the home, and how to avoid it. Guides on how to cope with a leak would also be very useful. Meanwhile there's no pricing information, and little in the way of communication tools to get in touch with the company. In fact if you are interested in purchasing these systems then you'll need to contact your country's offices directly, either through post, phone, email or by visiting their website. These are not necessarily Visonic sites, rather they are sales portals, so making sure you're receiving the services you need isn't as simple as it ought to be. 

Visonic offers a good product with exemplary accuracy readings, but its site is severely lacking information. The addition of a “middle man” in the form of a local dealer adds a step in communication that we prefer not to see. There are also no response time statistics offered, which can be vital when it comes to dealing with such a dangerous gas as carbon monoxide. If you're interested in this product and service then we'd recommend making a few calls to check that you'll receive exactly what you need, and within your budget.

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