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Category: Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services
Website: http://www.kidde.com/productcatalog/pages/carbonmonoxidealarms.aspx

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Kidde Review

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Kidde not only offers a wide range of impressive fire and carbon monoxide detectors and alarms, it also provides resources for educators and everyday folk. This abundance of information sets it apart from many of its competitors, but whilst the devices appear of high quality, they offer no additional monitoring services.

If you already pay for an alarm monitoring service, or you're looking to start using one, you'll need to look elsewhere. However that doesn't mean that Kidde.com has nothing to offer you; far from it. If you're looking for high quality sensors and alarms to protect your home and family from carbon monoxide poisoning, fire and more, then there's plenty to choose from on this site. Of course, you'll need to check that the security monitoring package you choose elsewhere will allow you to incorporate any equipment purchased from kidde, but this shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

What impressed us most about this site was the lengths they've gone to to educate you about the causes, risks and solutions to carbon monoxide poisoning. In particular if you're an educator you'll find several resources here including videos and lesson plans, so sharing your safety knowledge is made all that much easier. If you're just an Average Joe looking to learn a bit more about this aptly named “silent killer” then you'll find the information is approachable and suitable for anyone to read. 

We were a bit less impressed by the customer service contact options available on this site. You can contact the customer services team using an in-site “submit a question” form, by calling them or by writing to them. But there are no email addresses or live chat options, which is a bit disappointing given the effort they went to in educating you about their products on the site. 

The site has an area for people to share stories about carbon monoxide and fire safety, and how they managed to avoid great dangers caused by them. We're not entirely sure what purpose this serves except to highlight particular risks, although perhaps this is worthwhile in itself. Meanwhile you can easily check product updates and notifications using the product catalogue and press room features.

What's lacking here is a sense of service. This is a site that tells you a lot but offers less in a tangible way. Purchasing the monitors and alarms is achieved through finding your local dealer and then making an inquiry through them. It's likely you'll need to have an alarm fitted if it's a wired version, but you can also get wireless alarms that you ought to be able to fit for yourself. Plug-in alarms are also available, which seem like a great idea if you want to put one in your child's bedroom now and then, or if you're on the move and wish to take it with you.

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