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Category: Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Services
Website: http://www.vivint.com/en/support/products/alarm-carbon-monoxide

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Vivint Review

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When it comes to home security, there's more to it than just making sure your doors are locked. Humans aren't the only unwanted guests in the home, and carbon monoxide is one of America's top killers. As such, Vivint offers home security packages which include carbon monoxide detection and monitoring. This is a 24 hour service, 365 days a year, so you can sleep peacefully.

Actually this website offers a fairly substantial variety of monitoring services, including smoke and fire, motion detection and more. It also provides home automation and energy saving services, should you be interested.

What can you expect from the carbon monoxide monitor? The device details are clearly described on the website, telling you that the monitor is able to operate in temperatures between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit (around 4-37 degrees Celsius). It also includes a 5 year lithium battery and is capable of detecting CO for up to five years using accurate electrochemical detection. So, the device itself is pretty good and won't need replacing for five years, and it even works if you have a power cut. As well as this, it is tamper proof, meaning that if it detects it is being tampered with then it will alert the monitoring station.

The monitoring station is able to receive communications from the carbon monoxide monitoring device within 17 seconds, which is fast (although not the fastest we've seen). Speed can be vital because carbon monoxide can, in worse case scenarios, be deadly. 

There is a downside to Vivint's services that needs some serious consideration: you can only purchase CO monitoring if you purchase a home security service. This isn't all that uncommon in the world of carbon monoxide monitoring services, but it does mean that you'll have to fork out for another service that you may or may not want.

If you are interested in a CO monitoring service and home security combination then Vivint.com seems a pretty solid option, although not necessarily spectacular. Its prices are also only supplied upon request of a quotation, so you'll need to submit a query before finding out how much it's all going to set you back.

The site is quite well designed and includes short videos that guide you through its various sections. There's also a decent amount of information regarding the products and services available, and we were pleased to see all the relevant facts and figures provided about the carbon monoxide monitor (that is, excluding the concentrations of CO that it detects).

The “learn more” section of the site provides details on the services that are available, as well as offering suggestions based on your lifestyle. This is a nice touch which provides lifestyle solutions based on your own needs, rather than trying to shove every product down your metaphoric throat. However, more information regarding general safety, and how to protect from CO in the home would be greatly welcomed.

This is a good contender for your money if you're interested in additional services and devices in the home. However if you're simply looking for CO monitoring then youn should  bypass Vivint.

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